Walking Rocks?

Query: When I was in Death Valley earlier this year, I saw some enormous 750-pound rocks that appear to travel across the desert on their own. I remembered your article about rock tortoises, and wondered if that’s what these rocks could be?

Corn of Plenty (Part 4 of 4): A Field Guide by Dr. Midas Welby

Corns of the Air: Air-corns utilize their horns for jousting, playing tic-tac-toe, and spearing food in mid-flight. Air-corns often lurk undetected in trees, wood piles, and rain gutters. When bored, they use their horns to ring the doorbells of unsuspecting humans. When the door begins to open, the air-corn flies away.


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Going On Hiatus

December 6, 2014: I am loving college, but I have to admit, I’m overwhelmed.

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Pine Cone Feeders

A Present For Imaginaries: When winter comes, I get concerned about providing extra shelter from the elements for Imaginaries. Recently, I read about people who build wildlife brush shelters out of branches and plants in their yards, and thought this was a great idea.

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Query: I read about the centaur tracks last month in Sightings, and now I wonder about a set of tracks I saw when our family was hiking at a national park. It looked like horse hoof prints and lion paw prints, intermingled. I took photos of the whole series of tracks. Could these tracks belong to a hippogriff?

Answer: We studied the photos you sent, which were most interesting, but must report that the tracks are not those of a hippogriff.

If you look closely at the way the tracks are overlaid, it is clear that a horse, travelling at a gallop, passed over the ground first, followed by a mountain lion, also at a run. It then appears that the lion caught up with the horse at one point, and there was a scuffle.

Following the scuffle marks, the horse broke away and galloped off in a different direction. The lion travelled the same route, still chasing the horse, but the paw prints indicate that it began to slow its pace, eventually dropping into a walk. It even lay down for a while, and finally went off in a different direction.

While the tracks were not those of an Imaginary, the photographic record you took was excellent. The photographs were well-defined, and the sequence of tracks complete. Because of the care you took in taking these pictures, we are able to read the life-and-death drama written in these sets of tracks. We encourage you to continue to photograph interesting track patterns you find, as you have a definite knack for doing this well.


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