Walking Rocks?

Query: When I was in Death Valley earlier this year, I saw some enormous 750-pound rocks that appear to travel across the desert on their own. I remembered your article about rock tortoises, and wondered if that’s what these rocks could be?

Corn of Plenty (Part 4 of 4): A Field Guide by Dr. Midas Welby

Corns of the Air: Air-corns utilize their horns for jousting, playing tic-tac-toe, and spearing food in mid-flight. Air-corns often lurk undetected in trees, wood piles, and rain gutters. When bored, they use their horns to ring the doorbells of unsuspecting humans. When the door begins to open, the air-corn flies away.


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Going On Hiatus

December 6, 2014: I am loving college, but I have to admit, I’m overwhelmed.

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Pine Cone Feeders

A Present For Imaginaries: When winter comes, I get concerned about providing extra shelter from the elements for Imaginaries. Recently, I read about people who build wildlife brush shelters out of branches and plants in their yards, and thought this was a great idea.

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Keeping Good Secrets

Protecting the Secrecy of the Phoenix: The death and rebirth of a phoenix that is reported here this month inspires me. How amazing is it that something like this has happened in our time.

A part of me wishes I could have been there to see it. And if there were only one or two people like me, I suppose it would have been okay to invite us along. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who would have liked to be there. Can you imagine how it would be if everybody who wanted to witness a phoenix rebirth showed up for the event?

What if the word got out? What if a bunch of random camera-toting tourists showed up, trampling through the habitat of the phoenix? What if somebody saw all the people gathered in one place and started to sell popcorn and sodas to the event, like in a movie theatre? And then somebody else turned up to hawk plastic phoenix key-chains and postcards? And then everybody would be talking and jostling and asking questions, and maybe even trying to take a pinch of ashes away as a souvenir.

Even worse, the Bogs and Murks, attracted by the crowd, might come too, to try and snatch a few phoenix feathers or even steal away the phoenix.

No, it’s too terrible even to think about it. The harm to the phoenix would have been irreparable, perhaps even resulting in the failure of the phoenix to rebirth.

There are secrets that are worth protecting, and the secret of the phoenix is one of them. So this is one secret I will keep, and I hope you will too. – THE NOSE, Field Agent, Iranigami


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