Walking Rocks?

Query: When I was in Death Valley earlier this year, I saw some enormous 750-pound rocks that appear to travel across the desert on their own. I remembered your article about rock tortoises, and wondered if that’s what these rocks could be?

Corn of Plenty (Part 4 of 4): A Field Guide by Dr. Midas Welby

Corns of the Air: Air-corns utilize their horns for jousting, playing tic-tac-toe, and spearing food in mid-flight. Air-corns often lurk undetected in trees, wood piles, and rain gutters. When bored, they use their horns to ring the doorbells of unsuspecting humans. When the door begins to open, the air-corn flies away.


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Going On Hiatus

December 6, 2014: I am loving college, but I have to admit, I’m overwhelmed.

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Pine Cone Feeders

A Present For Imaginaries: When winter comes, I get concerned about providing extra shelter from the elements for Imaginaries. Recently, I read about people who build wildlife brush shelters out of branches and plants in their yards, and thought this was a great idea.

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A Year Round Job

Inside Work: When school starts again each year, I have to cut back on my Iranigami activities. I no longer have the time to go into the woods, or do work on behalf of the animals, both real and Imaginary, the way I can during the summer.

Even when I can’t be as active outdoors, there are two things I continue to do.

The first is that I keep up my support of those who are doing the important work of Iranigami in the field and on the preserves, in any way that I can.

For me, this means writing for the website, staying current with world affairs that might have an impact on Imaginaries, participating in special Iranigami task forces as needed, and being available in any way that I can if a call for help arises within the Iranigami community.

The second is that I work on improving my own skills so that I can be a better guardian of the Imaginaries as I go forward.

This means paying attention to my schoolwork – and not just my art classes, which I like, but also my science and math classes, which are a little harder for me. If I am to be of service to the Imaginaries of the world, I will definitely need science and math. I can also study languages, so that I can communicate effectively with other Iranigami agents around the world. And I really should pay better attention in history class instead of playing tic-tac-toe with my friend Marie, so that I understand the background to the global threats that currently face Imaginaries.

Even though I can’t be outside, doing my hands-on work for the Imaginaries, I can still be of service by doing what I think of as my “inside” work. - BUG, Field Agent, Iranigami


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