Walking Rocks?

Query: When I was in Death Valley earlier this year, I saw some enormous 750-pound rocks that appear to travel across the desert on their own. I remembered your article about rock tortoises, and wondered if that’s what these rocks could be?

Corn of Plenty (Part 4 of 4): A Field Guide by Dr. Midas Welby

Corns of the Air: Air-corns utilize their horns for jousting, playing tic-tac-toe, and spearing food in mid-flight. Air-corns often lurk undetected in trees, wood piles, and rain gutters. When bored, they use their horns to ring the doorbells of unsuspecting humans. When the door begins to open, the air-corn flies away.


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Going On Hiatus

December 6, 2014: I am loving college, but I have to admit, I’m overwhelmed.

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Pine Cone Feeders

A Present For Imaginaries: When winter comes, I get concerned about providing extra shelter from the elements for Imaginaries. Recently, I read about people who build wildlife brush shelters out of branches and plants in their yards, and thought this was a great idea.

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Tread Softly

May 6, 2013: This is a sensitive time of year for many animals, both Imaginary and non-Imaginary. It’s the time of year when creatures come out of winter torpor and prepare for their busiest season. As snow melts and trees grow new leaves and the birds return from their winter migrations, the Imaginaries are also experiencing the spring - nature’s time for renewal – in their own ways.

A great many things need to go right for the Imaginaries around us if they are to live another year. All animals, including the Imaginaries, need to find food and water after the shortages of winter. They need to find nesting sites and places to birth their young early enough in the year so that their babies are large enough and strong enough to survive the next winter. For some, this means finding a mate and a nesting site; for others, they need a secure birthing site and plenty of forage for themselves and their babies; for still others, they need ground soft enough to dig down and lay eggs.

Everything works in concert. If spring is delayed, and seeds and grasses are not available until later in the year, creatures lower down on the food chain won’t thrive, eventually impacting the predators, who depend on being able to find birds and herbivores for their own food. If there is too much water, potential birthing-sites may flood and the babies won’t get born. On the other hand, if there is not enough water, animals will go thirsty, and flowers and grasses may not grow. And if there are forest fires, the life cycle of countless creatures is disrupted. It’s an important, yet, fragile, time of year for our Imaginary friends, and we want them to succeed.

As for the humans, spring sports begin; the days grow longer and warmer; and we can begin to get outside to play again. But as we have our own fun, let’s not forget our Imaginary friends. Tread softly; be respectful; and give the Imaginaries their space to grow and thrive. - XAX, 236th Keeper of Iranigami


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